Entheos Ireland

Vision & Mission

We aim to meet the demand for regular services of non-denominational worship/ participatory spirituality for individuals and families within our communities who seek an alternative to patriarchal, externally focussed religions and faith paths.

To encourage and support our communities in celebrating life, honouring death and in exploring life’s deeper meanings through deep listening, co-counselling, meaningful ceremonies, and inclusive community support.

To provide a welcoming Place of Worship and regular Participatory Spirituality for people within our communities who have been ostracised, marginalised or otherwise left behind by other Religions and Faith Paths on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, parental/family status or any other reason.

To foster spiritual inclusiveness through shared community ceremony and regular, ongoing participatory spirituality to serve those who regard themselves as spiritual but are not currently aligned with any particular religion, faith path or spiritual tradition.

To provide highly trained and experienced Community Celebrants for Non-Denominational/Interfaith/Secular Infant Funeral Ceremonies, free of charge and parent led, through our Community Initiative Lara’s Legacy.

To adhere to our own Internal Code of Practice and act according to the Beliefs and Values of Entheos Ireland.

“Love loves to love love.”

James Joyce


How to be part of Entheos Ireland

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