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All of our celebrants are also on the register of Solemnisers and can hold your full ceremony (including the legal parts), in your chosen venue any day of the week.

Meet Karen

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3I’m Karen.

I am an Entheos Ireland Minister and on the register of Solemniser.  This means I can hold legal wedding ceremonies in the Republic of Ireland, in the venue of your choice on any day of the week. It is my great joy to create personalised ceremonies to mark any and all of life’s milestones, and to have founded Entheos Ireland, to serve the many people who find themselves exploring the (fascinating!) middle-ground between their own personal spirituality and atheism/agnosticism.

I live in Dublin with my husband Liam, my 16 year old son Beineán and 3 year old daughter Roisin, and our doggy Milo. I spend my days creating and performing ceremonies, seeing clients, running around after the kids and dog and a million other things in between. When I get the chance I love to jump into an icy cold sea to recharge my batteries and get body and soul reconnected!

I had a traditional Irish Catholic upbringing, so I have a great love for and understanding of the rituals and traditions I was reared with, but I’ve always known my path was outside the traditional. I treasure the beauty of our rich language and ancient traditions, and I wanted to find a path that felt authentic and soulful to me, without the rules and hierarchy I was accustomed to. I also realised that a huge number of my friends and colleagues felt the same, which is a huge part of what inspired the foundation of Entheos Ireland, and am so delighted to be able to offer a deeply meaningful alternative to traditional religious options.

The main thing you need to know about me is that I’m one of life’s enthusiasts- I don’t believe in spending time on anything that doesn’t light me up, and I don’t believe you should either! This is why I’ve chosen the path I’m on- I’ve spent many years training, travelling and upskilling to bring me to where I am now, and I love every aspect of my work in this world.  I am deeply passionate about choice, equality, diversity, inclusivity and social justice, let’s celebrate it all!!!

I perform non-denominational, agnostic, atheist, spiritual, same-faith, no-faith and interfaith ceremonies with equal enthusiasm.  I have no agenda about the content of your ceremony, other than that it reflects what is most meaningful to you.

In addition to wedding ceremonies, it is my great joy to create and hold ceremonies to mark all of life’s milestones, from baby-namings to tree-plantings to funerals and everything in between.  It is my privilege and joy to create ceremonies that are as unique and varied as the people I work with, and I love to bring your ideas to life!

So whether you’re here because you’ve recently gotten engaged and you’re researching options for your Marriage Ceremony, or because you’re considering embarking on this work and would like to explore your own life’s journey in more depth, you’ve come to the right place!

Huge love,

Karen Dempsey

Meet Boyana

“My role as a celebrant is to create a safe space where you can explore what your true desires are for your special celebrations. I intend to be a facilitator and behind the scenes and provide a relaxing atmosphere. I have a deep love for hearing people’s life stories.”

Hi, I’m Boyana and here are few words about me.

My desire to communicate and understand people is one of my strongest drives.

Myself and my husband created our own ceremony and that planted the seed of how much fun it is!

I truly believe in the power of human connection when we make space for each other and listen to each other stories. When someone hears you out and/or someone is opening up to share something personal with you, thats where I feel we can heal, accept, grow, love.

I worked in IT for many years and I was delighted to put my mathematical skills in place, but always craved human connection. A leap of faith in learning to be a yoga teacher and I found an amazing community. While teaching pregnant women and mothers and babies I felt so happy and privileged to be part of their journey to motherhood. In my challenges of the first years of motherhood I started looking for different therapy and found EFT tapping. I experienced it’s amazing benefits and decided to become a practitioner myself to be able to share these benefits with people.

With my diverse life experience and empathy for people and what they are going through I feel confident in my ability to connect with people and their life experiences.

Boyana Boeva

Meet Jen

“As a registered solemniser and celebrant, my role is first to listen to what your vision for your ceremony is, and then to work with you to create a beautiful, personalised and memorable service.”

Hi! I’m Jen. I’m originally from Dublin, but currently based in Kildare. Each ceremony I’m chosen to officiate at really means a lot to me, and I sincerely appreciate you taking the time to read about how I can help you.

My world revolves around my family, my friends, and my very adorable dogs! I’m a pint-sized purveyor of cheesy jokes, who believes in equality, diversity and inclusivity. I love to travel, and I also spent some time living in Vancouver, Canada. I also love aviation; myFlightRadar24 app is as important to me as Spotify! Work-wise, my background is primarily in content marketing, digital journalism and audio production, but I’ve also worked in broadcast radio and event production.

Now for the important stuff that will make or break your decision to work with me: I’d choose Pixar over Dreamworks, DC over Marvel, Lyons over Barrys, and Keoghs over King or Tayto! If you’re still reading after all that, fair play to you!

If you’re a couple who’ve just gotten engaged, congratulations! I’m here to help you to create a bespoke ceremony that will truly reflect who you are as individuals and as a couple, because your unique story deserves more than a cookie-cutter ceremony!

If you’ve recently lost a loved one, I hope you’ll find comfort in your memories of them as you prepare for their funeral or memorial ceremony. I would be honoured to work with you to create a ceremony that reflects who your loved one was, and how they enriched the lives of the people who knew and loved them. I can also support you in building your confidence to write and deliver a eulogy, if you wish.

Thank you for considering having me as your solemniser and celebrant. I look forward to hearing your story.

Grá Mór, 

Jen Butler

Meet Jade

“I have so much Enthusiasm and Passion for this Beautiful work and it is ALWAYS carried out with love.”

My hope is to always resonate with my clients, to provide them with reasurance and to help them create everlasting heartfelt memories. 

Whether it be for a precious coming together for a couple on their wedding day or for a precious coming together for a final farewell, 

You can feel comforted by knowing that your ceremony was just what you wanted. 

At the core of what I do;

I talk to people, 

I learn about their lives, 

Write a bespoke script around our conversations and then I

Create your personal ceremony. 

I enjoy holding safe space to laugh, cry, sing and reminisce while making sure you feel safe and comforted. 

Each Family and couple I meet touches me so deeply and I find it a True honour to be a part of their journey and long lasting memories. 

 My mission statement – 

“I will never meet my couple or gathering of people with anything but a Genuine Smile. Everything that I do – is always with love.” 

Galway/Roscommon based. 

Available for :-

  • Funerals and Memorials. 
  • End of Life Planning services. 
  • Baby namings and Blessings. 
  • Weddings and Vow renewals. 
Jade Egan

Meet Janie

Everything begins with a conversation…

I’m Janie, someone guided by instinct.  Who believes everything begins with that first conversation.  It’s that initial call with you which sparks thoughts for a ceremony which takes shape more than often as I’m walking by the sea minutes from where I live in Dun Laoghaire, County Dublin where the sound of seagulls constantly reminds me how connected everyone  – and everything is.

Having come from a jewish background, experienced a christian education, lived amongst people of different cultures and lived for a long time now in a predominantly catholic country like Ireland, I’ve come to believe life is above all about people, most of whom are inherently kind hearted and hold common values.

It is I feel because of my own experiences of love and joy, illness and loss too, my work as a celebrant has become ever more inclusive and very much an important part of my life.

Inclusion is everyone’s responsibility; an ethos Entheos Ireland celebrants uphold and what helps each of us make every ceremony as individual as you.

Being HSE registered solemnisers means we can take care of the ‘legals’ for weddings as well as create ceremonies. Where pretty much anything is possible as life’s natural cycle endlessly gives us opportunities to make precious memories with you and for everyone on the day, in person and virtually too.

Whilst I work mainly in the greater Dublin area and adjoining counties, I’ll happily travel!


Janie Lazar

Meet Priyangee

I joined Entheos Ireland primarily to be there for those marginalised by institutions because of their identity…

Hello, I am Priyangee (pronounced: Pre-YounG-ee).

My pronouns are she/they. I am from India. I am currently based in County Wicklow. I joined Entheos Ireland primarily to be there for those marginalised by institutions because of their identity. I would, therefore, be honoured to hold that space for you and create a ceremony centred around the person you wish to commemorate that day.

I am a human rights lawyer and activist. I occasionally moonlight as a comedian in Dublin. I am one of the BIPOC writers featured in “Breaking Ground Ireland”. Four key ethos of anything I do are: Care, Collaboration, Accessibility, and Accountability.

I am autistic. I am rarely separated from my wireless headphone. When I am not working or napping, you will find me either baking or researching on accessibility aids. Apart from English, I speak Assamese, Bangla/Bengali and Hindi.

I love Bollywood Music, especially pre-2000 era. I love public transport – trams, trains and bus, and penguins. I celebrate my birthday twice a year and I am a firm believer of “No such thing as too much cake”. My aim in life is to be a kinder version of who I am today, including being kinder to myself.

If this resonates with you, do contact me. I would love to know more about you too. Thank you for reading about me. I am looking forward to speaking with you.



Meet Ranae

Celebrancy is about holding a special space for people as they encounter defining moments in their life journey…

Hello my name is Ranae and I am a Dublin based writer, celebrant, speaker and activist. I’m a very proud same-sex parent to two young daughters with my wife Audrey. We conceived through Reciprocal IVF and I had the honour of carrying both pregnancies. I have become an outspoken advocate for equal rights for children of LGBTQ+ parents in Ireland.

I firmly believe that all families deserve respect and recognition, no matter how they were created.

I’m the CEO and co-founder of Equality for Children, an Irish non profit that fights for equality for children born to LGBTQ+ families in Ireland. I write for many national publications and also speak regularly at events.

My hope in becoming a celebrant is to serve people who have been ostracised, marginalised or otherwise left behind by traditional faith paths on the basis of gender, race, sexual orientation, ability, nationality, parental/family status or any other reason.

Celebrancy is about holding a special space for people as they encounter defining moments in their life journey… whether that be beginning, middle or end of life transitions. I would be honoured to hold that space for you. In my spare time you’ll find me out with our kids on the cargo bike or undertaking yet another DIY project!

Ranae von Meding

Meet Rani Sheilagh

I feel privileged to support and hold a special space in ceremony for people as they mark defining moments in their life. My only agenda is to ensure that your ceremony is yours, that it generates joy or offers comfort, and reflects what is most meaningful to you…

Hello, my name is Rani (that’s pronounced ‘rah-nee’) Sheilagh (‘shee-la); a name which reflects my Indian and Irish background. As the daughter of an Irish mother and Indian father I grew up with cultures, spirituality, philosophies and traditions from both the east and the west and I was also blessed with diverse experiences of many places and people while living around the globe.

I’m an Entheos celebrant of life, and on the register of Solemnisers which means I can hold legal wedding ceremonies in the Republic of Ireland. I have also done a 2-year rigorous and rich training as an Interfaith minister which saw me diving into exploring different world views, faiths, beliefs, philosophies, the spiritual/non-spiritual and the many unique ways we can choose to mark moments in our lives.

I am an enthusiastic lover of life and of people who feels that energy is best spent doing things that feel good and brings us and those around us more joy. I’ve spent many years training, studying, practicing and developing skills to be of service in the world which has brought me to where I am now.

Today my home is in both South Dublin and by the lakes in lovely West Wicklow, though you will often find me planning my next adventure.

Driven by my personal background and experiences as ally, friend and family to people from all walks of life, I strongly believe in recognition, equality, inclusion and respect for all – and in the celebration of our beautiful diversity! I feel privileged to support and hold a special space in ceremony for people as they mark defining moments in their life.

I perform all types of ceremonies from non-denominational, blended, same-faith, interfaith, no-faith, intercultural, and everything in-between with equal enthusiasm. I take delight in creating personalised ceremonies that reflect your unique wishes, spirituality, background, culture and beliefs. My only agenda is to ensure that your ceremony is yours, that it generates joy or offers comfort, and reflects what is most meaningful to you.

In addition to weddings, it is also my privilege to hold funeral ceremonies and memorials that honour and celebrate the life of your loved one in a way that pays tribute to the individual and authentically reflects their personality, character, gifts, their unique approach to life and how they enriched the lives of the people who knew and loved them.

I also respectfully offer end of life planning and support for those who find themselves consciously preparing for their own death.

Whether for a wedding day, a vow renewal, or a final farewell I would be honoured to hear your story and to hold space in ceremony for you.

In other aspects of my life you can find me working in the realm of communications and health, researching, writing and speaking about our digital experiences as a Cyberpsychologist, as well as teaching Yoga & Meditation, making art or sipping a glass of wine, laughing, playing and dancing under the moon!

I hope this gives you a sense me, my life journey so far and feel you know me a little bit better now. Thank you for taking the time and I look forward to connecting with you.

With Love & Gratitude,

Rani Sheilagh