Entheos Ireland

Funerals and End-of-Life Services

Funeral Ceremonies

At Entheos Ireland, we are passionate about the need for openness and transparency in all aspects of death and death planning, for everyone involved. 

We believe that every individual deserves a final tribute which not only reflects their own unique personality and approach to life, but that also honours and celebrates the unique gifts they brought to the world, and the legacy they leave behind.

We will work closely with you, your family and friends, and your chosen funeral director in order to create and carry out a beautifully unique funeral ceremony, which reflects the character, personality and beliefs of the deceased.

Our team at Entheos Ireland are highly experienced and have had the privilege of holding all kinds of funerals for all kinds of people, from all walks of life, who have died in so many different ways. We are very experienced with funerals involving trauma and sudden death, and with the great grief that comes with holding funeral ceremonies for infants, children and young people who have left this life at a young age.

If you wish to book an Entheos Ireland Minister for your loved one’s funeral ceremony you can contact us via this site in advance if possible, or please inform your funeral director, and either they or you can contact us directly to make arrangements. 

End-of-Life and Funeral Planning


Knowing you leave unfinished interpersonal business can make the anticipation of death harder. The fear of dying is often wrapped up in the fear of pain and abandonment, and our End of Life Circles create a space for the psychological and spiritual exploration needed for individuals and families facing death.

Very often this includes exploring the meaning of life, addressing broken relationships, seeking and offering forgiveness, finishing important tasks, sharing important memories and values with loved ones, saying final goodbyes, and exploring what death means to you and your loved ones. Actively engaging with the process of dying can be both liberating and comforting, and can help to relieve the anxiety of dying with important things left unsaid and undone.

Grief cycles

Everyones loss is different, and therefore everyones grief is different. Grieving can take many forms, and there is no set timeline or process. If you are grieving, it is important to understand that what you are feeling is part of the process of trying to come to terms with a major change in your life.  It is completely normal to experience a wide range of feelings which can include shock, disbelief, confusion, sadness, loneliness and anger.  Joining a Grief Circle can help you to understand how you are feeling (or not feeling), and can help you to find compassion, care and comfort for yourself during this time of great change. Our grief circles are held online or in our Community Space at The Coombe. Please Contact Us to find out more.